Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself….

My name is Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator. Some may be familiar with me from my radio career as a veteran Media Personality with my syndicated talk show, “Flow of Wisdom Radio.” and as a motivational speaker.

KRS One Freestyling Live in Richmond, Va

The purpose of this website is to provide insight, information and motivation pertaining to the four elements of Hip Hop.

1) Emcee

2) DeeJay

3) B-Boy

4) Graphitti

My goal is to inspire the Hip Hop Motivator in you by creating a platform for you to share your knowledge about whatever element in hip hop that is your specialty.

I will be posting videos of interviews with DJ’s, Producers, Emcees, Poets, Graphitti artist, and B-Boy’s providing tips on how to better your craft and insight on the business. In addition, I will be providing words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement to help motivate you to pursue your dreams!

I will start off posting something at least once a week but eventually it will pick up. If there is something you would like to see or information you would like me to expand on, please leave a comment.  I want you to be fully engaged with the site as I aim to serve YOU!

I am thoroughly excited and looking forward to sharing with you. Sign up for updates and pass on the message about


Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator


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